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Animate THIS
Taught by: Stacey Evans and Fenella Belle
Time and Day: M-F 1-4:30
July 20-24
Location: Studio ½ & 2
Age: 10-15
Class size:  maximum 8 minimum 4
Cost and how to pay: $300- all supplies included. Campers should bring a snack & a water bottle. Digital devices are optional. Please send checks to Fenelle Belle c/o McGuffey Art Center, 201 1st St, 22902
Description: Spend the week working in a world of animation.  Starting with simple material, turning pen and pencil into moving images that form a narrative.  We then explore the many ways to transform light, shadows, and shapes into a digital animations.  Various digital devices are provided, personal devices are optional.
Contact information: stacey@staceyevansphotography or bellemoore@embarqmail.com for more information.

Creative KidsTaught by: Fenella Belle
Time & Day: M-F 9am-12:30
June 15-19
June 20-24
Location: McGuffey Art Center Studio 2
Ages 7-12
Cost: $275 payable by check to Fenella Belle
This camp is an exploration of the idea that being creative is a result of serious play!
Kids will play with an assortment of mediums to spark our creativity and then focus
on using those ideas to create prints, books, pop ups and more. Size Limited.
Contact Fenella at bellemoore@embarqmail.com or 434-981-5578

Drawing and Oil Painting
Taught by: Renee Balfour
Time and Day: Daily, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
June 15-19
July 6-10
July 13-17
July 27-31
August 17-21
Location: McGuffey Art Center Studio 24
Age : 6 to 17
Cost: $350 All materials included Registration and payments payable to McGuffey
Art Center
Description: This class will study basic drawing concepts that will be applied
to creating strong compositions in painting. Students will explore the
versatility of oil paint while learning concepts and techniques that they will
be encouraged to incorporate into their own work. Projects will include still
life, landscape, trompe l’oiel and animal paintings.
Contact: Renee Balfour reneebalfour@ymail.com 434-960-5115
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Taught by: Susan Northington
Time and Day: M-F 9-3:30
June 8-12
June 15-19
June 22-26
Location: Studio 5
Age/Level of Students: 1-5th grades
Cost and how to pay: $295, all supplies included. All the camper needs to bring is a packed lunch & a water bottle. Please send checks to Susan Northington c/o McGuffey Art Center, 201 1st St, 22902
Description: Campers will spend their day creating works of art using watercolor, collage, found materials and so much more.
Contact information: SusanNorthingtonArt@gmail.com for more information and availability.
Mud Masterpieces: Pottery Camp!
Taught by: Rebekah Wostrel
Date, time and age group:
June 8-12, 10:30-12:30. Ages 4-6
June 15-19, 10:30-12:30. Ages 5-7                                        
June 22-26, 10:30-12:30. Ages 5-7                                    
June 29-July 3, 10:30-12:30. Ages 7-11
July 6-10, 10:30-12:30. Ages 7-11
Location: McGuffey Art Center, STUDIO 6 Age/Level of Students: Ages 4 -11 (varies per camp week)
Cost and how to pay: $185, personal check payable to: Rebekah Wostrel
Description: For kids who love to get dirty and use their hands! Campers will have fun drawing and painting on clay and creating colorful pottery while learning a variety of building techniques (including wheel-throwing). We’ll look at lots of art, meet other working McGuffey artists and have some creative, inspirational outdoor play/work each day. All materials are non-toxic and food-safe.
Contact information: Rebekah Wostrel,  rawostrel@gmail.com, 434.333.0420
Pathfinders Art and Nature Camp
Taught by: Ninni Baeckstrom
Time and Day: Daily, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m
July 6-10 (7-12 years old)
July 13-17 (9-15 year olds)
July 20-24 (7-12 years old)
July 27-31 (9-15 years old)

Location: Studio #22
Age/Level of Students: For children ages 7 – 12 and 9 -15.
Cost and How to Pay: $295/week. $100 deposit with registration. By check only.
Description: This camp is for kids who love art, nature and adventure, run by local artist Ninni Baeckstrom. Children will have daily art lessons at the  McGuffey Art Center working with clay, wax, mosaics and painting as well as a daily field trip for swimming, hiking, and art/nature installations.
Contact information and registration forms: www.ninnibaeckstrom.com or kreativskulptur@hotmail.com
Summer Arts with Rebekah
Taught by: Rebekah Wostrel
June 22 – 26, M – F 1:30-3:30                                          
July 6 – 10, M – F 1:30-3:30                                            
July 13 – 17, M – F 10:30-12:30                                          
Location: Fry’s Spring Beach Club
Age/Level of Students: Ages 5-11 Cost and how to pay: $185,  personal check payable to: Rebekah Wostrel
Description: Kids will have fun making art and getting messy in this fast-paced art camp intensive! They will experiment with a wide variety of art media: collage, drawing, painting, mosaics, wire sculpture, clay, plaster, and more! Students will explore their creativity in a nurturing, energetic and inventive environment.
Contact information: Rebekah Wostrel, rawostrel@gmail.com, 434.333.0420
Teens Screen
Taught by: Fenella Belle
Time and Day: M-F 1-4:30pm
July 6-10
July 13-17
Location McGuffey Art Center, Studio 2.
Ages 12 and up
Cost: $300 payable by check to Fenella Belle
Description: This is an intensive workshop week for teenagers introducing them to the artistic
potential of silk screen printing. Students will turn their own original designs into
prints on both fabric (t-shirts) and paper. Students will leave with a good grasp on
this technically challenging medium and lots of cool prints! Size limited.
Contact: Fenella at bellemoore@embarqmail.com 434-981-5578
Taught by: Renee Balfour
Time and Day: Daily, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
July 20-24
August 3-7
Location: McGuffey Art Center
Age: 7 to 17
Costs: $350 All Materials included register and make payments to McGuffey
Art Center
Description: Emphasis will be placed on the discovery of sculptural concepts
through the construction of a series of sculpture projects using various
materials including, wood, cardboard, paper mache and mixed media.
Students will explore color application and painting techniques as it relates to
a three dimensional surface while developing a better understanding of tools
and materials.
Contact: Renee Balfour reneebalfour@ymail.com 434-960-5115