First Friday Opening Reception: Friday, JULY 1ST, 5:30 – 7:30PM

Sarah B. Smith Gallery:                 Peter Allen: Atonement

july show


 In my work, I deconstruct language, perception, and belief systems. I explore layers of meaning through relatively simple images, combined with text that becomes part of the visual experience to communicate complicated, subtle concepts. My poetry explores layered meanings using contranyms such as screen (to reveal/ hide); dust (to cover/ remove particles) where the word contains its own contradiction. This simultaneity of opposites provides tension, as in the optical illusion of a vase, and profiles of two faces. Text functions meaningfully as narrative, but also as a visual device, relying on (and challenging) assumptions, as we expect text to be read sequentially, left to right. —Peter Allen




Upper and Lower Halls North & South: Summer Group Show

An annual, colorful summer exhibition in a wide array of media by McGuffey’s 100+ members.

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Also on view:
Work from 2015/16 Incubator Artists.
 The Goal of the Incubator Studio is to promote the progress of 5 artists who are not members of the art center but want to maintain a studio practice. july show4The members of McGuffey will act as mentors and help them learn skills needed to become professional artists. Incubator artists for 2016 are: Katherine Williams, Kathy Stacy, Deana Stewart, Sophia Wiedeman, and Christopher Headings.c3