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Housed @ Studio 20 in the McGuffey Art Center. Luminaria Cville is a place where families, cultures and communities come together, through performance and visual arts, without borders. We seek to create and respectfully explore, educate and build bridges between cultures through community based music and movement classes and public celebrations and performances. Please like us on our  HYPERLINK “https://www.facebook.com/Lumiariacville” Luminaria Cville facebook space to stay in tune with our happenings!

As Performers:

Dave and Estela are both musicians and teachers. Together they play in Lua, which blends Mexican, Afro-Latino, and Appalachian influences to create a high energy Mexilachian sound. They perform in a variety of ensemble contexts, from an acoustic duo utilizing the traditional Veracruz instruments jarana and requinto jarocho to larger band formats, utilizing drum set, guitars, accordion and upright bass. Dave plays bass in both the Olivarez Trio and beleza brasil.

As Teachers:

Together they operate www.blueridgemusictogether.com, a non-performance oriented family music making class that provides adults and their little ones a fun and engaging community music making experience. Dave also teaches an adult music ensemble class, Estela teaches both a youth ensemble class for children 5-7 years of age as well as a spanish language play group Canta Conmigo, an arts and music program designed for the Latino immigrant population. They are both resident performance artists at McGuffey Arts Center.


The Vision for the upcoming year:

We call upon the creative wisdom of our roots cultures to inspire us to make great music, together as a community, leveraging both our talents and our limitations to learn, grow and innovate.

Through classes, performances and community events we seek to inspire all people, regardless of ability, to join with us in evolving a cosmopolitan roots music culture here in Charlottesville.

There will be music. There will be food and dancing and memorable, magical times. And people of all ages are invited.. so join us on facebook to stay enlightened.


Dave and Estella cvfss_1199


Visit our webpage www.blueridgemusictogether.com

Find us on facebook! www.facebook.com/Luminariacville