TUESDAY, October 4th – SUNDAY, October 30th First Friday Reception: October 7th, 5:30-7:30 Artist Talk with Rosamund Casey WEDNESDAY, October 12th, 12:30 PM

McGuffey Art Center

McGuffey Art Center is an artist association supporting the artistic growth of emerging and professional artists in both visual and performing arts. McGuffey is equally dedicated to providing opportunities for the community to participate in these creative processes through access to open studios, exhibitions and performances, classes, tours and outreach projects. As an artist’s cooperative venue, McGuffey relies on individuals and artists willing to contribute their time and energy for the success of this community arts center.

Rosamond Casey Tablet & Cloud: Pilgrims in Cyberspace

The title of Rosamond Casey’s new exhibition, Tablet & Cloud: Pilgrims in Cyberspace, alludes not only to our Internet Age, but also to deep time and a mysterious future. The nose-to- canvas slowness of painting was just the right medium to embalm this techno-miracle that has flown by us, better to study the pallor and glow of faces fastened to screens. Some of the paintings are horizontally trisected into triple-decker universes: the primeval understory of the desk with its tangle of snakewires, the earthbound affairs of the desk’s surface, and that other high place of the imagination that we sometimes call the Cloud, or the rising tip of the Singularity, or that supernal place we cannot fathom. Rosamond Casey will lead a gallery discussion, “Our Lives in the Computer Age”, on Wednesday, October 12th, 12:30PM, in the Sarah B. Smith Gallery.

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Lower Hall Galleries: Flight Group Show
Upper Hall Galleries: Fiber Transformed

Fiber Transformed is a group of contemporary fiber artists from Virginia (Mary Beth Bellah, Lorie McCown, Lotta Helleberg, Jill Jensen, Jill Kerttula, Wrenn Slocum) who meet monthly for critiques and mutual support and are now having a show of their work.

Flight is a group show of 30+ McGuffey Members. In this show, each artist expresses their own conception of the idea of flight in a wide variety of media.

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